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Open to offers on the whole lot.

Console Listings:

Xbox 360 Console (comes with cords, game, controller, and controller charger)
-This is a fully working, good condition Xbox 360 console. It comes with a fully working Xbox 360 controller, the charger to that controller, and all necessary cords to play. Also comes with a NHL 2009 disc game. A top panel is missing on the console, I think it covered a memory expansion deck, but the structural integrity of the console is still perfectly fine. Sometimes the disc drive gets stuck, if you pry it out with a flathead screwdriver, it will come out then work without issues. Some electronic-safe greasing spray might do it good, has not been loved in a while.
Price: $70

Nintendo Gamecube console (comes with cords, game and controller)
-This is a Nintendo Gamecube console in very good condition. It turns on and functions 100% fine, but it does not read games. There is an easy fix, which is replacing the optical drive, which I was not willing to do. Will work fine after that fix. Also comes with necessary cords, a controller, and MVP Baseball 2004.
Price: $75

DS Lite Console (comes with 2 chargers)
-This is a Nintendo DS Lite console. It does not turn on or charge. I bought it off eBay in attempt to fix it for fun but I couldn’t diagnose the problem. Comes with 2 chargers. No games included. Sold as is.
Price: $35

PS1 Console (comes with cords and controller)
-This is a Sony PlayStation One console that doubles as a CD player. Comes with all necessary cords to play and a PS1 controller. I got this from a flea market a while back, and bought a cheap Chinese AV cord off of Amazon in order to test it, which makes the picture flicker wrong colors and be slightly off-center. I figure that an original PlayStation AV cord will yield the best results, (and not a cheap Amazon one). No games are included, but I tried a game from my personal collection and it worked. Power switch is a bit finicky but turns on and stays on once you get it
Price: $75

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